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Metamorphosis Chronicles explores the social and environmental
impacts of AI evolution, competition for limited resources,
global warming and enhanced human longevity.

A Sci-Fi Series
Ron S. Nolan

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From the wheat fields of Kansas to surfing the immense waves on the shores of Planet Nuptia, the author takes readers on a journey which may be referred to as the “future meets the past.”


In “Earth Boy” a child is held captive on Europa and in the ”Longevity Gene” a geneticist searches for a gene complex that may hold the key to immortality while stock car drivers race around a track in Alabama and discover something totally unexpected.


As the book title suggests, searching for and struggling to acquire independence is the underlying theme of Freedom Ride’s short stories which concludes with poems about seagulls, crows, ship wrecks, dangerous sharks and young love that makes today seem like yesterday.

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In a last ditch effort to halt the disastrous global warming crisis fueled by profit-driven corporate governments in the year 2029, scientists at the Deep Space Mining Moonbase launch satellites containing nano bots designed to seal off carbon emissions from the Arctic tundra. However when the rocket pods are released prematurely, they set off an EM pulse which is mistakenly interpreted as a missile attack and all out global war is imminent.

It all begins in a biogenetics lab in Berkeley, California where Astra, a head-turning, Brazilian girl in her mid-twenties discovers the key to immortality—at least in flatworms. But she is forced to put her research on hold as a response to the blistering, white hot winds rocketing through the Bay Area. Her new  mission is to assemble cryogenic repositories (‘Arks’) of frozen plant and animal embryos to preserve them for the future. However, she is opposed by a fanatical religious group that will do anything to stop her. But is it the Ark that they really want…or something hidden within? Either way, they will have to go to the mining base on the moon to find out! Will the war be avoided or is it inevitable?

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During a life-long search to scientifically document paranormal phenomena, Dr. Sandra Grant discovers that dolphins offer ideal research subjects. Through her persistence and the aid of a government contractor, a pair of twin dolphins is made available to her by a paranoid general intent upon the ultimate destruction of the USSR, but facing a public relations nightmare due to his support of a recently exposed secret military program to use marine mammals as weapons.

General Pratt Houston's intelligence sources indicate that Russia has an overwhelming arsenal of nuclear weapons. Driven mad by the government's past reluctance to use full military force in Viet Nam, and with the refusal of Congress to use nukes against the Iraqis, General Houston forces a computer programmer to create a virus designed to wreak havoc on the Soviet Defense Network. Designated as ANX, the virus will penetrate the defense network and disrupt their communication systems, When Russia panics and launches their missiles out of desperation, ANX will corrupt their guidance systems and cause them to misfire. The subsequent U.S. counterattack will permanently solve the arms imbalance--at least according to the General's twisted thinking.

However, through a bizarre chain of events, the ultimate fate of humanity depends upon the determination and resourcefulness of Dr. Grant and her telepathic dolphins to thwart the General’s sinister plan.

Backstory Behind the
Telepathic Dolphin Experiment

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Set in the year 2030, a  Sci-Fi technothriller of a world near the global warming tipping point and humanity’s survival is threatened, from the author of Met-Chron Sanctuary and the Telepathic Dolphin Experiment.

Timing is everything. If the intern at the SpeeZees Lab hadn’t accidentally selected the wrong sequence of avatars in a training program, the world’s first New-Human would not have been 3D printed and brought to life.…and without Chron’s genius, the strategy of developing a space elevator to convey pods of seawater into space and generate snowfall over tropical seas, coastal cities around the world will face catastrophic flooding.

Furthermore, if Chron had not assisted her longevity research, Dr. Astra Sturtevant would never have made her game clinging discovery of how to control the genetic clock and arrest the aging process. Meanwhile, the AI androids that had mutated in the high RAD zones following the nuclear detonations in the Bay Area have launched campaigns to gain their independence and annihilate all organic humans.

The innovative pioneers that operate the Deep Space Mining Moonbase have a plan that will solve humanity’s problems. The question is will anyone out there listen?

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Met Chron New-Humans

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Michael H.D. Dormer

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