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Natasha Murray
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Interview conducted by renowned author
 Natasha Murray

August, 2019

What made you want to write a book?

As a highly trained researcher specialized in coral reef ecology, I have spent many years doing surveys of coral reefs and investigating the ecology of patch reef fishes. With over 5,000 hours spent underwater, It has been heartbreaking to watch the decline and destruction of these magnificent ecosystems.

Unfortunately, the surveys and experimental artificial reefs that I conducted and built in the Hawaiian Islands and Micronesia haven't done anything to stop widespread coral bleaching.

So... I have turned to science fiction to try to reach a larger audience that may be inspired to actually do something about climate change.

Tell us about you and where you live.

I live in Aptos, California near the sunken ship at the end of the pier in SeaCliff Beach. I spend most of my days working out, running, writing and performing tech patent research.... quite a leap from my early days in Western Kansas where I shared the farm outhouse with a nest of half frozen rattlesnakes and learned to read by the light of a Coleman lantern!

My marine biology doctoral studies at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and my career as an environmental consultant has taken me to many exoreic places--one of which is now considered on of the most radioactive islands in the world--which I describe in my Backstory Blog.

What have you written and what are you working on now?

I have just finished the second book in the Metamorphosis Chronicles series entitled Met Chron New-Humans. Set in the year 2030, it is a Sci-Fi Technothriller of a world near the global warming tipping point and where humanity’s survival is threatened

This is a short description.

Timing is everything. If the intern at the SpeeZees Lab hadn’t accidentally selected the wrong sequence of avatars in a training program, the world’s first New-Human would not have been 3D printed and brought to life.…and without Chron’s genius, the strategy of developing a space elevator to convey pods of seawater into space and generate snowfall over tropical seas, coastal cities around the world will face catastrophic flooding.

Furthermore, if Chron had not assisted her longevity research, Dr. Astra Sturtevant would never have made her game clinging discovery of how to control the genetic clock and arrest the aging process. Meanwhile, the AI androids that had mutated in the high RAD zones following the nuclear detonations in the Bay Area have launched campaigns to gain their independence and annihilate all organic humans.

The innovative pioneers that operate the Deep Space Mining Moonbase have a plan that will solve humanity’s problems. The question is will anyone out there listen?

How do you see technology evolving?

As robots and androids become outfitted with post-singularity Artificial Intelligence they will be formidable allies…or competitors. What jobs can humans do that robots can’t do better, more efficiently and with less time and cost? Will they have the right to vote, own property or assume a government office? Still it seems like there may be the hope that AI's and humans will work together to defend against the threat of a planet killing asteroid as well as conduct asteroid mining to construct colonies in space. What’s unique is that that androids will be able to mutate and test the survival of the fittest in simulations in seconds instead of decades.

What are your thoughts about prolonged life spans in humans?

The quest for immortality is also a major feature in both Met-Chron Sanctuary and Met Chron New-Humans.

With advances in nano-scale tissue and organ bioengineering New-Humans will become more android like and live longer lives—maybe even for centuries and beyond. The problem is limited resources….and of course we will have to share those resources with robots and android populations.

Will android’s have feelings and desires?

If an AI android studies the concept of love and how it is manifest and that has an impact on certain abilities that are analogous to the chemistry of emotion, and then creates an algorithm to mimic its behavior and ultimately establish a reward system that encourages the android to incorporate that behavior into its subroutines, it will act as if it has feelings of love. That algorithm could then be broadest to the android population.

An important factor will be whether AI-Droids have the right to reproduce. Will procreation be regulated? Will they develop the concept of desire? Will factions with different and opposing priorities develop?

In the Metamorphosis Chronicles series you portray national governments as corporations. How does this relate to your views on politics?

There are three major opposing governments in the story. United States Corporation (USACO), a joint Iranian-Venezuela (IRANVEN), China, Russia and North Korea (CHIRUS).

As long as corporations can make campaign contributions I expect their power to increase. The problem with corporations is that they have no soul and are essentially immortal—as long as they make a profit. Much of the goodwill they disseminate is image marketing and the human leaders come and go over time.

The question is ‘Will AI androids secure the right to vote and hold office’? ....Will they pay taxes?

How do you market your books and do your promotion methods work?

I really just put on my PROMO ball cap because my strategy has been  to author and publish three novels in a chronological series and then begin marketing. The idea is that prospective readers will want to read the other two books after reading the first. We’ll see.

Where can readers find your book for sale?

The Telepathic Dolphin Experiment and Met-Chron Sanctuary are currently (and  Met Chron  New-Humans will soon be) available on Amazon, Google Play, Nook and all of the retailers serviced by Smashwords.



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